I call you “Adaba”
You dwell in my “gida”

When I feel unease,
You give me great peace.

In stress, And in distress,
You are my fortress.
When I am in a state of digress,
You make me strong like a tigress.

“Adaba”, My comforter.
“Adaba”, My friend.
Keep dwelling in my “gida”

An ode to the Holy Spirit who leads and directs my path.



Adaba means dove in English. It’s a yoruba word which is often used to symbolise the Holy Spirit.

Gida is an Hausa word, which means house. A place where one lives or dwells.


By: Fatunsin Omotola. O.


  1. Nice one this could be a song!

  2. great piece. Adaba keep dwelling in my gida… Nyce

  3. I love this! This is breath taking…

  4. Dis one Is awesome#May D Lord Increase Ur Wisdom

  5. When am in a state of digress
    U make me strong like a tigress.
    Nyc work sis. Av always told u, u wld b goin places. UR BEST IS YET TO COM

  6. Home is where the heart is..
    May “Adaba” continually find a “gida” in your heart

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