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Collateral Beauty

The pain of losing someone to the cold hands of death is one of the most trying moments anyone can go through. All around us we see all kinds of people with sicknesses, diseases and deformities of each and every kind. There are those who were born this way, and those who as a result of certain circumstances just find themselves in this scenario. The big question is: What are we doing about it? What are those who have these supposed limitations doing, and what are the whole ones among us doing?...view full article   read more

Hello December!

Hi warriors,

Happy December! It’s the last month in the year already, trust you’ve had beautiful moments in the last eleven months. May December be much more beautiful for you.

It’s really been ages I wrote something on the blog. It feels really beautiful to sit once more with a piece of paper and a pen, however few my words may seem....view full article   read more

Living Strong

It was a beautiful time out with Mrs. Omilola Oshikoya, Mr. Oyakhire Russel, the production crew on Heart of the Matter, including the godfearing, wonderful, handsome, and loving young man always standing solidly behind me through thick and thin, Olushola Ajayi, popularly known as Bishopforte. The creative director behind full article   read more

Sickle cell: What about it?

Sickle cell disease, is also known as sickle cell anaemia, it is a hereditary blood disorder which is characterized through red blood cells, which take on a rigid, abnormal and sickle shape. Sickling trims down the flexibility of cells and leads to a risk of several life-threatening problems....view full article   read more

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