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Being A Mum With This Condition Helps Me Live Intentionally-Loveth Okoli Shares How She Has Been Living Strong As A Sickle Cell Survivor

One of the fears of sickle cell survivors is if they will ever find someone who will accept them enough to love them and spend forever with them.

While that concern may be valid, Loveth Okoli, a Nigerian, UK-based mother of two children (twin, boy and girl) was never bothered about that....view full article   read more

How I Dealt With It.

In the end what really counts is how well we lived and not how long.

This I’ve always known, but I saw in reality through the life Tola lived.

I can say with all confidence that I have no regrets marrying her because I knew she was God’s will for my life....view full article   read more

Things We Do For Love

...view full article   read more

Living Strong

It was a beautiful time out with Mrs. Omilola Oshikoya, Mr. Oyakhire Russel, the production crew on Heart of the Matter, including the godfearing, wonderful, handsome, and loving young man always standing solidly behind me through thick and thin, Olushola Ajayi, popularly known as Bishopforte. The creative director behind full article   read more

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