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Over The River

Over the river
And through the woods
I desperately seek to recover
From my pains and wounds.

In wandering, I’ve wandered
In searching, I’ve searched
In crying, I’ve cried
In praying, I’ve prayed

And after all has been said and done
I find no solace
Whilst I go through the furnace
In my huge manacles....view full article   read more

Wedding Day (Part 2)

The nights passed and the days dawned.
It was the engagement day. Everyone fussing around and excited about the joyous celebration.

Tola could not contain her joy, yet, it was one of mixed feelings. She would be leaving all she had known behind and moving on with her life, with the man of her dreams, Olushola Samuel Ajayi....view full article   read more

To Be Brave

Well, I got this poem from a little friend yesterday and I thought to share with you guys. She had told me it’s culled from the book, “Music Therapy”. As I read, It sure hit me once more that courage isn’t the absence of fear or the ability to take things in strides like they aren’t happening, or merely pretending that things are fine. No! Courage is believing that God’s got you in His big, strong arms and right there, there’s absolutely nothing to fear. It’s having immovable and unwavering confidence in God. It’s an attitude of unquenchable trust in God’s infinite abilities to see you through insurmountable challenges. And yes, it’s a gathering of all the negative circumstances, pains and challenges you get into a strong punch of faith in God. Keep believing!...view full article   read more

Daring To Hope

Under a cloud
Of both depression
And hurting emotions.
I stand comatose,
Like a patient for a craniectomy.

Going through the tremor,
Is sheer painful labour.
I think it,
That I ain’t in favour.
But something tells me,
It’s only but a vapour....view full article   read more

Warriors, We Are!

We are, we are warriors,
Not sicklers but warriors,
We shall not blame God for this condition,
We fail to bury our heads under the vicissitudes of life,
We refuse to shirk responsibility inspite of sickle cell,
Warriors, we are!...view full article   read more


I call you “Adaba”
You dwell in my “gida”

When I feel unease,
You give me great peace.

In stress, And in distress,
You are my fortress.
When I am in a state of digress,
You make me strong like a tigress....view full article   read more

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