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“You’ve started with your stupid crying again? Abi?. What’s wrong with you? What’s with the tears? Ehn?”

Mummy Moyo shouted at her daughter. ” It’s like you have some demons residing inside of you. I’d drive them out now on your behalf.”
Moyo cried all the more. Her voice rising in a falsetto. she was deeply frustrated. How long will it take her mother to know that she wasn’t crying from demon possession but from agonising pains. Just how long?...view full article   read more

Tobi, My Warrior Friend

Tobi is an handsome, quiet, fair-complexioned, seventeen year old boy. He has a very attractive demeanour and I met him just a week back, before the Easter celebrations. I fell almost immediately in love with the young man and gave him a nick. I called him “UP-NEPA” the very first day I had contact with him. This nick was inspired by his complexion. I think I should let you know that the nick stuck. His friends found that better than the initial nick they had given him, Alabi-yellow....view full article   read more

The Midnight Hour

“Give her another shot of pentazocine”, Doctor Ralph called out to one of the nurses on duty. It’s been twelve long hours and nothing seemed to be working for the pain pangs!
The shot was meant to douse my ability to feel and allow me close in, then drift into an imperfect but sublime oblivion even if it was for a short while....view full article   read more


It was a windy Saturday morning. The trees rustled behind the grey coloured bungalow. The dogs gingerly barked at the opening of doors and cockerels crowed at a distance.┬áThe power cut wasn’t a surprise as it had become a nocturnal ritual perfectly accustomed to....view full article   read more

In The Eye of The Storm

Jumoke had planned to be at Bimpe’s wedding. She had gotten all her accessories for the occasion. The bead she bought was orange in colour and so was her bag, bracelet and shoes. Her “gele” was lying neatly in the wardrobe at the top right hand corner and the peach gown made from the “aso-ebi” material was hung. She had looked forward to and planned to attend the wedding as her cousin, Bimpe was a very lively and friendly young lady whom she didn’t wish to disappoint....view full article   read more

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