The pain of losing someone to the cold hands of death is one of the most trying moments anyone can go through. All around us we see all kinds of people with sicknesses, diseases and deformities of each and every kind. There are those who were born this way, and those who as a result of certain circumstances just find themselves in this scenario. The big question is: What are we doing about it? What are those who have these supposed limitations doing, and what are the whole ones among us doing?

It is of utmost truth that everyone can’t have a perfect life, it would negate the principles of life’s very existence, however, the way we strive to make our lives better is what should be primary in our quest for a fulfilled life. From the child born blind, to a sickle cell patient, and a new mother who has cancer, the fact remains that we cannot continue to live our lives in despair. The clause “Every cloud has a silver lining” aptly describes the way we should live our lives, as optimistic, and in the hope of a better tomorrow. We must strive to seek out the collateral beauty, find out those things that keep us occupied and fill our hearts with genuine joy.

You can’t end your life because a loved one is on the verge of death or not living a supposedly perfect life, because the truth remains that no one in life can really have it all, you just have to stop, relax and reflect not on all the amazing things that could have been, but on the hidden silver lining behind that dark cloud. Until you are able to find that silver lining, life wouldn’t be of much appeal. Life is an uncooked dish, and its hardships are spices of all variety in the wild. What matters is how you decide to tune these spices, bend them to your will, no matter how stubborn they are to get that perfect dish with a taste that feels like heaven.

A wonderful way of finding the collateral beauty, that silver lining behind every dark cloud is spending time with friends and family. The first few lines of a song read thus:
“In times like this, when the world is weighing me down, and all seems like it’s going to end,
There’s one power that we both still have, and that’s the power of friendship…”
No man is an island. The impact of friends and family sharing in our problems go miles in easing all of our pain and frustration. As they say, a problem shared is a problem half solved. It is when you keep things to yourself or push people around you away that life becomes choking, and full of despair. When you have loved ones around, you’d be able to breathe sighs of relief in the hope that surely, things would get better someday.

In all, whatever you do, whenever life seeks to throw shades, you’d need to search for the collateral beauty, the silver lining, because only then can you have a perfectly fulfilled life

By: Favour Olagoke