Hello December!

Hi warriors,

Happy December! It’s the last month in the year already, trust you’ve had beautiful moments in the last eleven months. May December be much more beautiful for you.

It’s really been ages I wrote something on the blog. It feels really beautiful to sit once more with a piece of paper and a pen, however few my words may seem.

Well, I got married this year in September to the man of my dreams, Olushola Ajayi, the best husband and Graphics Designer in the world ( you may not believe me though, but I know what I am saying), he’s the Creative Director behind Bishopfortè Studio. I would say it’s really been a very wonderful experience been with him, more so because ours was ordained by God.

I’ve also been thinking lately of hosting the first conference for the Live Strong Community in 2017. I trust God to guide us to do things right as we proceed in planning to host warriors and  facilitators for the forthcoming event.

I wouldn’t hesitate to say keep been strong, do all you know to remain healthy and bask continually in God’s Great Grace.

I should also let you know I’ve worked on a new story recently, and it’s really been hard finding a very suitable tittle for it. Anyways, it should be live soon.

Keep Living Strong.

Lots of Love,

Omotola Ajayi.



  1. Awwwnn…. Nice…

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