In The Eye of The Storm

Jumoke had planned to be at Bimpe’s wedding. She had gotten all her accessories for the occasion. The bead she bought was orange in colour and so was her bag, bracelet and shoes. Her “gele” was lying neatly in the wardrobe at the top right hand corner and the peach gown made from the “aso-ebi” material was hung. She had looked forward to and planned to attend the wedding as her cousin, Bimpe was a very lively and friendly young lady whom she didn’t wish to disappoint.

The wedding was to hold on the 12th of November, 2015. She had ensured that all was in place before the day arrived. Jumoke had packed her bags since she’d be going a day before.

Friday came without much ado. Jumoke woke with so much joy in her heart. She had even sent Bimpe a text message on the time she’d be travelling down to Abuja as the flight was to take off by 10.15 a.m. Everything was in place and her brother was to see her off to the airport.

The ride was indeed a smooth one but as soon as they launched out from the cab and stepped on the airport’s tarmac, Jumoke sensed the jolt in her chest. It was a familiar one. Right then and there, she knew her travel was impossible. She told her brother, “let’s get on our way back”. Ade was stunned. ” This wedding was so much on your mind that the whole house couldn’t rest while you were shopping for your accessories. Why do you have to change your mind now? You know aunty Bimpe will be cross”. Not until he turned back and starred into his sister’s face. Yes, he was also familiar with the pale look of her face whenever it came up. “Not again”, he muttered.

They indeed had to move home. No other option will do. Sometimes, it had caused the whole house to remain on their toes just to ensure that she got better. At other times, it simply needed the intervention of a medical practitioner.

Jumoke couldn’t bear this. All she could think was, “why now?” . The tears flowed freely. How she wished to see sickle cell anaemia in person and give it irrecoverable blows, ensuring it never distorted her plans anymore.

Ade took her by the hand, and walked her with so much patience. In a couple of minutes, they were sitting in a metro taxi and he was comforting her with the words, “weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”.

Just how in the world could  she lean on the promises of God’s word when she felt totally abandoned by him. How could she possibly imagine to be thankful when excruciating pains were going through her bones and muscles. It was hard to see God in the eye of the storm. This storm was too fierce. It had even come at the wrong time. She should be in the airplane headed for  Abuja.

” Why in the world should this happen now?”, Jumoke thought.

The pains came on harder, her chest hurt badly and she could barely see as her vision was blurred by her tears. She knew the Doctor would say it’s a vaso-occlusive crisis. She hated that as soon as she got home, she’d have to be hydrated and given some sort of opioid to douse her pain. The struggle with getting the right vein for the catheter, the painful and sometimes peppery sensation of those injections.

She gasped for breath as her thoughts gave way to deeper fatigue.

She was tired; Tired of this disease she didn’t bring upon herself; Tired of living a life dictated by pains.

Jumoke rested her head against the window of the taxi and the tears flowed even freely. Just then, she found solace in a promise she had come across months back. She had been so happy when she found it. “Whenever I mention your name, I think of you with love”.” In The Eye Of The Storm”.

She knew God loved and cared about her through it all. Then and there she truly derived strength and deep comfort, regardless of the pains tugging at her, in the eye of the storm.

Stay Strong.

With Love,



  1. Wow… inspiring… We can only derive strength from the source Himself… love you sis

  2. Real and Inspiring! More grease to ur elbow sis

  3. oshingbade opeyemi

    28th December 2015 at 9:37 pm

    dis story’s are wonderful and lovely ,

  4. Nice composition . Jumoke should invest more of her strength in God almighty. Even her going there might have led to worst experience if she had not experienced the little weakness .

  5. This is motivational and inspiring. I love it. God with us…

  6. In all things , we must give thanks to God. Jumoke should always meditate on psalm 118:17, also sing this Don moen song”you are the lord that healeth me…….. You are the lord my healer, you send your word and healed my disease, you are the lord my healer”. Nice write up dear, it inspired me.

  7. Great work

  8. Owoseni Oluwatosin

    29th December 2015 at 12:40 pm

    Ooooshey… Nice write up Maamii

  9. i was introduced to your blog today by a friend of mine, truth be told I am inspired. you should keep it up, keep spreading the gospel dear… May you live long!

  10. Plenty a times, we really don’t know why God allows us go through pain and other stuff, the only thing we can depend on is to trust that He loves us and is watching out for us and that in the end it will all turn out for our good and His glory. If I could tell Jumoke anything, I’d tell her that when it comes to God, there might be great pain now but in the end there will be great joy. If joy hasn’t come yet, then her story hasn’t ended. Stay Strong.

  11. owolabi aanuoluwa

    29th December 2015 at 3:19 pm

    It is indeed love in the eyes of the storm,the source gives us the strength and the source is love…keep it up dear…looking forward to more

  12. great words frm a great lady… U d best, keep it up

  13. It was an inspirational write up. More grease at ur elbow

  14. this is inspirational and so touching

  15. Great job Sis.
    Very inspiring as story. And th text is a whirlwind with the reader’s emotions. Loved it. Keep it up!

  16. This is so touching, m sure many people will be encouraged with this. keep it up.

  17. Very inspiring indeed. Jumokes’s trust in God is most comforting. No surer peace than in God.
    Beautiful piece dear; thumbs up!

  18. God Bless your Pen, Reading it the fifth time today.

  19. Dats was touching, OmoT…compliments of d season BTW.

  20. We have to put challenges under our feet, that is when we can over come it

  21. Gaji Manute Kayode

    30th December 2015 at 7:27 pm

    Inspiring and touching. God gives more grace and I pray that He grants you more grace to be a voice to be heard.

  22. Ola Ayobami Oluwafemi

    30th December 2015 at 7:52 pm

    I just hope and hope this message get to those who needs it most. Because it not just encouraging, it’s inspiring and open our eyes and mind to feel and reach out to people by showing them love and they are not alone. More grace my sister

    • I desire too that it reaches all who needs it, so that it’s overall purpose can be achieved. We can make it happen by sharing these inspired pieces to other friends. Click the share buttons. God bless you Ola. Thanks much.

  23. This is a good beginning, looking forward to the sequel. Not expecting anything less though.

    More grace to you.

  24. Hmmmn…..short of words. Omotola,proud of you! You are one strong woman!

  25. lovely piece…Well done Ma.
    You are Strengthened.

  26. Good interactive health care with advance nursing support is it to reduce crisis!

  27. This is great and a source of inspiration to me and so many others… Please don’t stop. Thanks

  28. I love this article and your blog. its inspiring and gives hope to those who seem to be alone. Keep it up dear! God bless

  29. Nice one dear! Very encouraging…and you know, no matter d challenges that life presents to us as beings, God’s love has not stopped reaching out to us, if and only if we don’t belittle the power of God in every of our situations. Thumbs up dear!

  30. Deres always a reason For everything#God Knows the Best for Us…#It Really inspires me

  31. In every storm in life,there are blessing in it only if you can be patient and hold on to master peacemaker which is JESUS CHRIST

  32. Well done, dear… very fabulous write up.

  33. wow… a really touching story, from God alone, we derive strength and comfort.

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