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It was a beautiful time out with Mrs. Omilola Oshikoya, Mr. Oyakhire Russel, the production crew on Heart of the Matter, including the godfearing, wonderful, handsome, and loving young man always standing solidly behind me through thick and thin, Olushola Ajayi, popularly known as Bishopforte. The creative director behind

I still remember the day the producer called in to ask if I would be available for the interview. I was really glad that a larger audience would get to hear my story and at the same time I was a bit sceptic about getting a face linked so publicly to the Live Strong blog. After looking closely at the benefits of educating others about sickle cell, living strong with sickle cell and how to avoid having sickle cell kids, I strongly felt the benefits far out weighed my scepticism.

I also knew well that I needed to let others, especially warriors, know what has kept me going irrespective of the challenges posed by sickle cell. The place of grace can never be over emphasised. God has been right there, making a beautiful story of my life.

It would interest you to know that a day before the interview, I was so down and thought to call in for a rescheduling. God knew I had to be there, and again he made me strong enough to tell others just how much he has helped me and how wonderful it is to have supportive parents, friends and beautiful relationships.

Once more, for every warrior out there, keep living strong. It’s not over until it’s really over. May the Lord keep making beautiful stories out of our lives and helping us live strong always. This doesn’t exempt us from doing all it takes to stay healthy physically. Do all you know to be healthy and let God continually be your source of strength.

Keep Living Strong.

Lots of Love,



  1. Hmmm… M inspired… Love you bunch sis

  2. This is lovely… God bless and keep u, hun

  3. God bless you ma…. U’ve really inspired me.

  4. Iyinoluwa Fageyinbo

    11th August 2016 at 1:47 pm

    This is beautiful, thank you. GOD bless you sis.

  5. Nice one Omotola

  6. Afolabi Olalekan

    12th August 2016 at 9:26 am

    Heart touching, u fought a hard fight and won with God on Ur side. Wish u the best of health for the rest of Ur life.

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