Over The River

Over the river
And through the woods
I desperately seek to recover
From my pains and wounds.

In wandering, I’ve wandered
In searching, I’ve searched
In crying, I’ve cried
In praying, I’ve prayed

And after all has been said and done
I find no solace
Whilst I go through the furnace
In my huge manacles.

I hope for the fourth man
To bring forth his healing balm.
My joy seems yet asleep,
As sorrows burst into grieve.

Faith stirred within
Again I find peace
That though relief seems far away
Hope has come to stay.

Written By: Omotola Fatunsin – Ajayi

P.S: I found this poem written on the last few pages of my note book in Omotola’s hand writing and it gave me closure concerning the struggles I had after the death of Tola.

I’ve actually struggled with the decision to put this up as a post. But I feel someone needs to read this. 

Keep living strong,

– Shola Ajayi.


  1. Hope has indeed come to stay.
    Bishop, live strong!

  2. Hope sure has come to stay. Inspiring as always, thank you for sharing this. Keep living strong

  3. Hope has come to stay truly. Keep living strong bro Shola

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