Taming Our Fears

Fear is an “emotion which is pre-programmed in all people and animals as an instinctual response to potential danger”.

When a person experiences fear, some areas in the brain such as the amygdala and the hypothalamus are activated and they appear to control the first physical response to fear. Chemicals such as adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol are released into the blood stream. This often leads to some certain physical reactions, such as, increased blood pressure, increased sweating, rapid heart rate and tightening of the muscles.

Beyond all these, fear is a tool in the hand of the evil one. He uses it as a means of diverting our attention from Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. Really, when it comes to getting cold feet, uncertainty about the future and scary thoughts of what possibly could be the worst of all things to happen…I’d say we are all guilty. Guilty of letting this ugly monster called fear, grip us. Sometimes, so mildly, we’d never think it the offender and sometimes, so fiercely that we despair even for life itself. At this point, we become so stricken by fear that it renders us totally helpless.

At such critical times, our hope should rest in God. We mustn’t treat fear as a welcome visitor because it’s contrary to the will of the Father.

Do we remember “Giddy Gideon”? He was a potential warrior but as long as he held on to his fears, it kept crippling and stopping him from accessing his full potentials in God. Not until, he got to the place of complete trust and total dependence on God, he couldn’t be all that God desired him to be.

Fear incapacitates.

We must also know that it is the direct opposite of faith. So, rather than let fear rule our hearts, we should consciously allow God’s love to rule it.
Scripture tells us in 1John 4:18, ” There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fears, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love”. This is an injunction most of us struggle with, and that list once had my name, hanging at the very top.

Nevertheless, we must remember that our point of call at moments of distress must be God. He alone has the antidote to fear. The psalmist confidently affirms, “when I am afraid, I will trust in you”, plus the spirit we have received is “of power and of love and of a sound mind”.

Things happening around us could be contrary to the quietness we desire and might be creating some volcanic eruptions and hurricanes in the depth of our souls. The news tells us more tales of woe than of good, the doctors report is mostly negative, crisis skyrocketing our bones can be so terrible and unbearable and on and on goes the list, yet, the Father would not entertain us giving in to fear. He would rather remind us to, trust him from the bottom of our hearts; and not try to figure out everything on our own. Listen for his voice in everything we do, everywhere we go; he’s the one who will keep us on track.

This is the only way we can truly and deeply be at rest, be full of faith, joy and love; and enjoy God’s peace in this crazy and messy world, with fear triggers hanging at every point.

Keep Living Strong.

With Love,


  1. Fear is indeed d enemy… Thank God for His hope!

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