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Hello Warriors, I think I should Introduce my self. My name is Shola Ajayi, Omotola’s Bobo. I’m sure some of you must have read about me in some of her posts. Yeah I’m her graphic designer, I’m her husband, the most important job by the way, and also I’ve been the one helping Omotola with the technical aspects of this wonderful website.  I’m not much of a writer so I’ll go straight to the point.

I want this community to know that Omotola Fatunsin-Ajayi has gone to be with her Master and Lord. She died on the 10th of August 2017, almost a week after the delivery of our lovely Son. This may not be news to some of you who are close to her, but to those who are heart broken by this news, I want you to know this – Omotola Won.

Now to the second purpose of this post.

For almost two months now I’ve been the one trying to live strong. It almost feels like the joke is on me now because I actually thought this website was only about Omotola and I only needed to support her. (I can imagine God on his throne smiling and saying “this guy never sabi the kind work wey I give am”). Well, God is helping me understand that this website is way beyond my thoughts.

I had a radio interview with a wonderful OAP, Aforfem Afobunor of Rainbow 94.1FM on September 14th, which happens to be my birthday.  I got to share a bit of my experience and journey with Omotola. This interview has been a renewed source of inspiration and a confirmation about God’s plan for this website.

So I’ve decided to add a stream link so you can all to listen to it. I hope you are inspired by it to do more for yourselves, others and to live strong.

Shhh. I’ve been going through Omotola’s things and believe me there are a lot Tola wanted to share with you. So this website will be updated with contents from Omotola’s Journals, Me, and others.

With love,

Shola Ajayi.


Whew… (You writers dey try o…) It took me almost 5hrs to come up with this 🙂


  1. Thank you for sharing this. Together we can live strong. Glad to have the blog back.

  2. You have such a weird sense of humor. I believe your wife is super proud of you with a smile. Thanks for inspiring many.
    Blessings bro!

  3. So beautiful. Omotola would be so proud.

  4. The joy of the Lord is your strength dear…. Stay strong

  5. This is wonderful, i pray for grace and strength for you brother! #NeverAlone

  6. Oluwafisayomi Aina

    4th October 2017 at 6:20 pm

    Great bro. God is with you.

  7. And I only got to hear about her death today. She really has left this world. How horrible I feel for not being in contact.

  8. Such a beautiful write up. Her legacy lives on In Jesus Name Amen. Stay strong Shola and a huge hug for the little one!

  9. Speechless.. Thanks for sharing. Together we shall livestrong.

  10. Inspiring! I salute your tutored courage and untainted expression of love that exemplifies the true essence of our being.

    I pray for more of God’s grace, wisdom from above and strength to continually inspire your generation.

    And yes! We will continue to live strong. It’s a legacy she left for us all.

    God bless you, brother and your bundle of joy.


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