To Be Brave

Well, I got this poem from a little friend yesterday and I thought to share with you guys. She had told me it’s culled from the book, “Music Therapy”. As I read, It sure hit me once more that courage isn’t the absence of fear or the ability to take things in strides like they aren’t happening, or merely pretending that things are fine. No! Courage is believing that God’s got you in His big, strong arms and right there, there’s absolutely nothing to fear. It’s having immovable and unwavering confidence in God. It’s an attitude of unquenchable trust in God’s infinite abilities to see you through insurmountable challenges. And yes, it’s a gathering of all the negative circumstances, pains and challenges you get into a strong punch of faith in God. Keep believing!

To be brave is not to stand alone
It’s not to merely stand defiant
On a barren wasteland of what’s left
After you’ve been broken down
And beaten to the core

The feeling of hopelessness,
Swept up and morphed into something stronger,
Something more faithful,
More whole,
More full of unwavering confidence in the creator,
That’s what bravery really is.

Bravery is a gift,
Of the non-handed variety,
It’s a conscious effort of accepting Him,
Letting Him take you into his arms,
Surround you with his cloak of greatness,
And just believing.

It’s not a one person job,
But rather a team effort,
One of trust,
And knowing that He won’t let you drown,
And that He’ll always be there,
If you only trust that He will be,
Pouring out His everlasting grace upon you,
Making you brave.

I believe you read the poem as I did. Keep been courageous and keep receiving His everlasting grace, it’s all you’ll ever really need.

Keep Living Strong.

With Lots of Love,


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  1. Hmmmmm… M blessed wit dis… More anointing sis

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