Warriors, We Are!

We are, we are warriors,
Not sicklers but warriors,
We shall not blame God for this condition,
We fail to bury our heads under the vicissitudes of life,
We refuse to shirk responsibility inspite of sickle cell,
Warriors, we are!

We are, we are warriors,
Not a walking corpse but a living soul,
We will fight and yes, we will keep fighting,
The episodes of pain cannot spoil our resolve,
Leg ulcers cannot dampen our optimism,
No other complication is strong enough to deter our progression,
Warriors, we are.

I am, I am a warrior,
Not just a warrior but a winner,
If I cannot fly I will run,
If I cannot run I will walk,
If I cannot walk I will crawl,
All the way I will yet progress,
Warrior, I am.

Written By: Abayomi Oyelami


  1. This is beautiful.
    I’ve come to realize that the strength of a sickler is being disguised as a weakness.
    To see their strength, you need to look beyond their pains.
    Warriors, they are.

  2. Keep fighting!! God’s grace and strength be with you. Amen.

  3. Warriors fight to win, they dnt quit! No…not even at d face of the hottest battles and with all these beautiful pieces, i see winners already.

  4. Nice one. This is actually 4 me. “I am not a walking Corpse but a living soul”.

  5. Omotesho Olalekan

    2nd July 2016 at 12:08 pm

    I’m a warrior, no! I’ll never give up. I will always progress, come what may!

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