Wedding Day (Part 2)

The nights passed and the days dawned.
It was the engagement day. Everyone fussing around and excited about the joyous celebration.

Tola could not contain her joy, yet, it was one of mixed feelings. She would be leaving all she had known behind and moving on with her life, with the man of her dreams, Olushola Samuel Ajayi.

It suddenly immersed her like a flood. Her parents were going to be gravely missed. they were the epitome of strength and courage. They had used every opportunity to show her that been sickle cell anaemic wasn’t a death sentence. It just meant you were special in your own way. It meant knowing your weaknesses and deciding never to let it overcome or override you. “Above all else, with Jesus you can scale through any storm, however tumultuous it might be”. They often quipped and ended with ” Jesus understands”.

Well, she was moving on and it was time for that step to be taken. There was no doubt she would miss them, yet there was great joy ahead.

Drumming, dancing and cheering greeted her ears from the hotel lodge where she had dressed up and her face had been made.

The clock ticked and kept on ticking.

She then heard a voice calling from without, “E pe Iyawo jade, o ti ya”. Tola’s heart skipped a beat and her head spun for a while. She was going outside to see a man of honour, her very own charming prince, the one to become her husband.

She was truly excited and in no time, she would become a wife to the wonderful man in her life.

The ceremony continued as the bride-to-be danced outside, she was bubbling with so much joy and gladness.

All of a sudden, the throbbing pain she never prayed for began, as she danced carefully to the arena. “Oh, no!”, she muttered under her her breath. ” Not again”.

Her Bobo could read the signs well enough. “What’s wrong, Baby?”, He asked anxiously. She looked in his face and could tell him no less how she felt. Her knees and joints were beginning to hurt and she felt like succumbing under the presence of an on coming pain attack.

Obviously, the pains were quite severe as Tola began to look pale, withdrawn and weak. He had told her to hang on as the day could only have been ordained by God. He whispered lovingly into her ears his ever favorite line of comfort, “Don’t you worry, you’ll be fine, Baby”.

Together, they pulled through the ceremony regardless of the turbulent waves of aches and discomfort. Bobo’s ever ready arms, supporting and holding her at the exact times she needed it. It was divine.

God’s soothing arms were right there, howbeit the pains she was going through.

As the ceremony came to an enviable closure, Tola and her Bobo came to a divine conclusion, however threatening a challenge could be and however jittery it might get us, there is surely a God in Heaven who grants us His Grace even if He doesn’t take away the thorns.

In this great insights, they found solace, more so, for their continued journey.

Dedicated to: Olushola Samuel Ajayi.

The man behind my smiles. I love you, Baby.


  1. I love you too Tola. Thanks for being an amazing person to me. Till we meet at Jesus’ feet.

  2. Oluwaseun Abiola

    6th April 2018 at 2:54 pm

    Keep resting in heaven Tola.

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